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Types of Buildings:
SP Building Systems can supply you with a wide variety of different types of buildings such as;

- Heavy Industrial Buildings
- Light Industrial Buildings
- Commercial Buildings
- Recreational Buildings
- Aircraft Hangers

Clear Span Structures

Individually designed, welded rigid frames span the entire width of the building without the use of additional interior columns, giving an obstruction free interior. Widths in excess of 300 feet can be accommodated.

Multi Span Structures
Individually designed, welded rigid frames, using continuity over interior supporting members span the entire width of the building. The interior columns are spaced as required across the width of the building.

Standing Seam Metal Roof (RTL24)
SP Building Systems RTL standing seam metal roof system features a tilt and lock together panel that provides a water tight seal, since there are no through fasteners. Floating clips are used to allow for expansion and contraction of the roof panels.

Storm Seal
SP Building Systems Storm Seal roofing & siding panel is a modern, deep rib panel that is designed to economically use light gauges steel to create a high-strength panel that supports large snow and wind loads on wide purlin and girt spacing.

Versa Seal
Versa Seal is a versatile low rib roof, wall and liner panel that economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Tech Loc

Tech Loc is sculptured fluted panel that is used as a roof and wall system as well as a self-framing building system.

Structural Sections

We offer a wide variety of cee and zee sections for use in light framing applications or replace hot rolled structural sections.
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