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interior wall cladding
Versa Seal is a light weight economical wall, roof, and liner panel.
SP Building Systems interior wall panel is a modern, low rib panel that is suitable for use as a wall, roof, or liner panel on agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. The panel design allows for efficient use of material which ensures an economical low cost application.

Panel Design

This interior wall cladding covers a wide 36" and has 3/4" deep ribs 9" on center. Panel laps are strengthened by a bearing rib and an anti-syphon groove helps prevent water leakage.
versa seal mill production
interior wall panel picture
interior wall cladding dimensions
Each major rib features an aesthetically pleasing minor rib that also provides extra panel strength.
Base Stock  Versa Seal will be manufactured in 24 to 29 gauge steel in a variety of colours. 

Contact SP Building Systems for current material availability.
Panel Widthcovers  36"
Distance Between Ribs 9"
Rib Height 3/4" high
Stiffening Flutes 2 between ribs
Minimum Standard Length 4'6"
Maximum Length 28 ga - 36 ft
26,24, and 22 ga - 45 ft

Interior Wall Cladding