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SP Building Systems Storm Seal exterior wall panel is used to achieve design feature and aesthetics in a variety of standard colours at an affordable price. View our cladding colour options
storm seal exterior wall panel
SP Building Systems Storm Seal roofing & exterior wall panel is a modern, deep rib panel that is designed to economically use light gauges steel to create a high-strength panel that supports large snow and wind loads on wide purlin and girt spacing.

This attractive, modern profile comes in both narrow and wide rib versions to architecturally complement any building project from residential storage buildings to the largest industrial projects.
Storm Seal is an affordable exterior wall panel that will meet the budget of the steel building, retrofit or farm building customer.

Panel Design
Storm Seal cladding covers a wide 36" and has 1 1/2" deep ribs on 12" centres. Storm Seal narrow rib, with the narrow part of the panel exposed and the wide rib against the support members, is used for roofing and siding. The wide rib version has the broad rib exposed and the narrow rib in contact with the support structure and is used for side walls only.
The panel normally comes with purlin bearing side laps which allows easier lap stitching and greater support when walking on and an unstitched roof. Please specify purlin bearing if required.
Base Stock

This exterior wall panel can be manufactured from galvanized or galvalume steel coils in 22 gauge to 28 gauge and also in aluminum. A wide range of colours are available in all gauges by special order.


Panel Widthcovers 36"
Distance Between Ribs12"
Rib Height1 1/2" high
Stiffening Flutes2 between ribs
Minimum Standard Length4' 6"
Maximum Length28 ga - 36 ft  26,24, and 22 ga - 45 ft

Pre Engineered Steel Building
Storm seal narrow rib dimensions

Exterior wall panel