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Virtually any roof slope can be accommodated to meet your specific needs.

Standard accessories such as door and window openings, translucent wall lights, translucent skylights, gutters, downspouts, eave trim and factory applied colours for the coverings are supplied when ordered.

Since each building is designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs the building size is completely flexible. From a few hundred square feet to hundreds of thousands of square feet, We can design a building to meet your needs. Since clear span building systems do not have interior column, building width is dependant on the snow, rain, and wind loads in your area.

The frame designs are tabulated by live load which is normally the roof snow load multiplied by the tributary length carried by the frame in question. You must specify any collateral loads, if required (ie mechanical, electrical, sprinkler, ceiling, insulation etc.) so they can be incorporated into the design of your steel building system. The normal dead load allowance includes the weight of the frame itself plus purlins, roof cladding and bracing.

Mezzanines, interior wall, structural accents, overhang, etc can all be included in the design of your steel building system. This allows your building to be unique and meet your specific needs without having to make compromises. Special structural requirements such as crane loads are easily incorporated into the design of each building.

The SP Building Systems multi-span steel building is an all-steel building system designed and supplied by SP Building Systems. The building width and length are measured from the outside face of girt to the outside face of girt. The building height is measured from the underside of base plate level to the intersection of the girt line and top of the roof purlins. The roof profile is a symmetrical gable.

Individually designed, welded rigid frames, using continuity over interior supporting members span the entire width of the building. Each rigid frame consists of two tapered exterior columns and rafters as required depending on the spans. The maximum depth of section occurs at the haunch. The interior columns are equally spaced across the width of the building and are basically compression members transferring a portion of the roof load to the foundation. SP Building Systems Systems supplies the structural system, wall and roof cladding, flashings and fasteners ready for erection. Field connection of structural framing is made by bolting.

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Multi Span Structures