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The RTL-24 Roof Panel is manufactured from 50,000 PSI steel giving it greater kink and dent resistance during erection than other Canadian standing seam panels. This high yield helps to give the RTL-24 a good weight to snow load ratio and wind uplift capacity.
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rtl floating clip
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Floating clips with a movement of plus or minus 1 inch are supplied on every roof. The floating clips are pre-caulked with the same mastic as the seam for weather-tightness. Clips come in 3-3/8 inch and 4-3/8 inch high versions.
The RTL-24 roof panel was tested in Chicago, Illinois at the Underwriter Testing Laboratory, The lab found the RTL-24 roof panel to have a UL90 capacity in 24 gauge and a UL60 in 26 gauge, making the RTL-24 one of the strongest panels on the market. The RTL-24 panel has also passed ASTM E1592 testing.
standing seam metal roof panel dimensions
Using the latest design technology, tough 50 KSI steel and our high-tech mastic system, the RTL-24 is designed to simply roll together and provide a water-tight panel with a U90 uplift rating (without mechanical seaming). This feature greatly reduces the time required to install the roof system.
On double pitch roof systems up to 150 feet wide there are no fastener penetrations through the panel itself. On roofs over this width there are only 5 fasteners per sheet at each end lap and they are placed into pre-punched holes. The fasteners have special neoprene gaskets and stainless steel washers.
Nitrogen gas is added to a heated Butyl EPDM based mastic which is then injected into the seam on the production line. This forms a resilient, elastic gasket that is able to conform to various shapes during erection. Over its lifetime of expansion, contraction and live loads, the mastic still returns to its original shape
The end lap is the most important detail of a standing seam roof and the RTL-24 roof system has a weather-tight end lap system. It consists of: a pre-notched and pre-punched sheet; a pre-punched backup plate with a 1 inch mastic strip; a hardened aluminum cinch strap. All are tightened into place with five #17 self-tapping stainless steel fasteners.
Because of its unique side lap, the RTL-24 roof system does not require a seaming machine for every roof application to make the roof water-tight. A seaming machine may be used on the side laps; on lower pitches or as specified by a designer.
With 3 inch high ribs on 24 inch centers, the RTL-24 roof panel is able to carry gallons of water. The stiffness afforded the 50 KSI panel by the 3 inch high ribs gives it the live load capacity and the water-tightness required in the hostile North American environment and yet still makes the roof affordable.
The RTL-24 roof system is available in standard 24 gauge long-life Galvalume from Dofasco as well as 22 gauge. All gauges are available prepainted or plain Galvalume. Check for availability of special gauges and colours.
A clip which raises the panel 1 inch above the purlin is available. This allows for extra insulation and a foam insulation block to reduce the thermal conductivity. With today's demands for higher 'R' values and greater insulation quality, this is an important feature.
When you want a one-piece roof sheet on that extra special job, you can now have it up to 75 feet. It allows a building up to 150 feet wide, to be roof sheet end lap free.
SP Building Systems supplies mainly to the northern part of North America. This region requires a roof system capable of carrying loads of ice and snow. The RTL-24 roof system meets this challenge where it's most important, such as the end lap seals, the eaves and the ridges. It can be installed down to a 1/4 in 12 inch roof pitch.
An important area of every roof is the high end enclosure system. The RTL-24 system offers an accurately shaped-to-panel pre-punched ridge dam. The ridge dam is used in conjunction with a backup plate, mastic tape and five #17 self-tapping fasteners and one #14 self-drilling fastener, making a water-tight seal.