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Health, Safety and Environment Policy

We are committed to protecting and promoting the safety and well being of our employees, our contractors, our communities, and our environment.

We believe excellence and continuous improvement in environment, health and safety performance are in the best interest of all of our stake holders.

Our desired outcomes are a workplace that fosters the emotional and physical well being of employees, a workplace where incidents that could harm people or the environment do not occur, and a workplace where all employees and contractors demonstrate personal commitment to operational excellence.

We aim for a safe and reliable operation where all risks that could compromise the health and safety of workers, or the environment, are identified, understood and managed.

We meet all regulated standards for environment, health and safety performances as the minimum expectation.

We learn from best practices applied elsewhere and endeavor to incorporate such lessons into our practices and procedures.

We integrate environment, health and safety consideration, along with economic factors, into all business decisions
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