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SP Building System's scope of work (Division 13) as a sub-trade is to supply, erect & insulate your pre engineered metal building in Alberta. S P Building Systems is based in Calgary but can supply, erect & insulate a pre engineered metal building anywhere in Alberta.
Unlike many other steel building contractors, SP Building Systems buildings are "pre-engineered" for your needs and offer a wide variety of features that are standard with each and every steel building. Every pre engineneered metal building supplied is erected & insulated by SP Building Systems Inc. We are ISO 9001:2000 registered and well as CSA A660 certified.
Please review our services page for further information. SP Building Systems pre engineered metal building is designed to meet specific wind, rain, snow and seismic requirements that may exist in your area. You will receive complete sets of seal erection drawings by licensed engineer in Alberta. SP Building Systems customer service has been proven far superior to other steel building contractors attested by our explosive growth and repeat business over the past years. Every pre engineered metal building is supplied, erected and insulated is carefully managed by our staff of experience professionals who help customers every step of the way. SP Building Systems is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company.
Contact SP Building Systems today for your next pre engineered metal building project.

Pre Engineered Metal Building